Spurgeon Veggies CSA

Egg Share – Main Season


Now you can add local, fresh eggs to your veggie CSA share! This add-on includes one dozen large to extra large free-range, multicolored eggs from our flock on the East Galesburg farm, every week along with your veggies (24 weeks total). The flavor and texture of fresh eggs will spoil you forever! ***Limited number of shares available***



Our pastured chickens enjoy a wide range of foods (lots of overripe produce from the fields!) and plenty of space, both in their run and coop. The hens are supplemented with conventional chicken feed when they need it. We keep our hens around for a minimum of three years, so they live long and happy lives. We treat our animals with care and respect — no cages, no rough handling, no de-beaking, and no early culling. You can feel good about the source of your eggs, and enjoy the incredible quality over mass-produced eggs. 

We have a number of different chicken breeds; some lay varying shades of brown or brown speckled eggs, some are green or blue, while others lay classic white eggs. The share will be a mix of all types. Our white egg layers are the most prolific of the bunch; typically, you can expect 4-8 eggs per dozen to be white. The color of the egg has little pull on its quality — all of them will still have the rich, deep yolk and thick whites you’d expect from free range, very fresh eggs. 

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Drop Location/Time

279 Knox Road 2550 North, Rio Thursdays 9AM to 6PM, 1196 N Academy St (Bethel Baptist Church), Galesburg Thursdays 4:30-6:30 PM, 126 Arizona Ave, East Galesburg Thursdays 6:30-10 AM, 317 N 2nd St, Monmouth Tuesdays 5-7 PM